Soothe the body ... calm your mind

Is it possible to discover inner peace by doing ... nothing?
At Float Orange we believe you can and warmly invite you to switch off from the stress, noise and distractions of your life by finding tranquility in the calming waters of Float Orange.

Read on to find out how you can re-energise your body, mind & soul ...
female floating at Float Orange

* Decrease the pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia & soreness from your workouts


* Reduce pressure on your joints


* Soothes your body aches & pains


* Accelerate muscle recovery & healing

girl floating to relax her mind

* Declutter your thoughts


* Help reduce mental stress & anxiety


* Induces ultra-relaxing theta brain waves


* Decreases stress related hormones

floating at Float Orange

* Promotes a deeper & more restful sleep


* Unlock your creativity & problem-solving abilities

* Boost your self-awareness & mindfulness


*Promotes a sense of calm