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Why choose Float Orange?

Let's face it, your daily life can be busy and stressful. Agreed?


What you might not realise however, is that these stresses silently creep up on you over time, causing you to feel tired, fatigued and leave you wishing there were more hours in the day. 


Work worries, family pressures, body aches & pains, poor sleep quality and not taking time out for yourself means that your mind and body is constantly over-stressed and this takes a heavy toll on your general physical and mental well-being. 


This might sound all too familiar, but ...  it doesn't have to be this way!


Breaking this cycle of overload is critical for you to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


To restore a sense of peace, calm and clarity to your life, enjoy regular  body-soothing, mind-calming floatation therapy sessions. 


Here at Float Orange, we provide you with a welcoming oasis from the outside world; a place where you come to feel relaxed, rested and re-energised! A place where you can just ... be.


Schedule your Float Orange experience today by clicking on the button below.

a happy and healthy family
Float Orange floatation therapy room
The Float Orange Vision.


The idea for Float Orange was first mooted in 2017 and the float pod lid was first opened to our community in January 2018. Since that time, many first-time attendees have become regular floaters and enthusiastic advocates for the body, mind and soul calming benefits they derive from their floating experiences.


Your Float Orange hosts are Ben Vaughan and Mick Cornish. Ben is the face behind the Ben Vaughan Massage Therapy brand and has been providing therapeutic and sports massage for more than a decade. Mick is the principal chiropractor at the Orange Chiropractic Centre who began serving our community way back in 1997.

The provision of floating to the community of Orange is an extension of the health philosophy of both Ben and Mick. They both understand and embrace the concept that good health should not be solely judged on how we physically feel but rather for people to experience a state of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. And floating can have profound positive benefits on your mental and emotional health.

Through Float Orange, it is our vision to impact the lives of as many people in our community as possible and provide them with a vehicle which contributes to and enhances their ability to enjoy outrageously great health!

The Float Orange offerings.


Here at Float Orange, we proudly provide you with the space where the pressures, stresses and noise of your daily grind can be replaced with tranquility, calm and quiet.


We have only one service ... a one-hour session of floating bliss that seeks to soothe the body and calm your mind. Here at Float Orange, you'll enjoy a welcoming oasis far removed from the noise of your hectic world. A place where you come to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and re-energised. A place where you can just ... be!


Work worries, family pressures, constant body aches & pains, poor sleep quality and not taking time out for yourself means that your mind & body are constantly over-stressed. Regularly breaking this vicious cycle of stress is critical if you want to enjoy enhanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


All our floatation therapy sessions (and gift vouchers) are conveniently booked and paid for online. Simply book and choose a session for yourself or surprise a special person in your life with a Float Orange gift voucher.


Click on the appropriate button below to book and pay for your hour of bliss or to gift a float to someone special.

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